DHSS News Promoting the health and well-being of Alaskans. June 2019

Partnering With a Specialty Clinic to Help Alaskans Quit Tobacco Use and Improve Heart Health

""One in five Alaska adults still smoke.  That’s higher than the national average and tobacco use remains a leading cause of death in Alaska. To help more Alaskans quit smoking, the State of Alaska’s Tobacco Prevention and Control (TPC) program and Alaska Heart and Vascular Institute (AHVI) are piloting a quality improvement project. This project uses evidence-based cessation treatment resources through Alaska’s Tobacco Quit Line that providers can refer patients so providers don’t have to spend valuable clinic time counseling or tracking. The project ensures tobacco use is discussed with every patient and referrals are made to the Quit Line as needed.

Heart Institute providers are advising patients through an improved model called “Ask-Advise-Connect.” This intervention includes a fax referral to the Quit Line. This allows the Quit Line staff to contact the patient, rather than relying on patients to make the initial contact. Read more about this project in the CDPHP Collaborative News.  We also have a testimonial video put together by TPC and AHVI staff.
The project is showing great results: 100% of patients using tobacco were screened and counseled, 150 patients were referred to the Quit Line and one-third of those made an attempt to quit tobacco use.


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