DHSS News Promoting the health and well-being of Alaskans. June 2019

  • DHSS Deputy Commissioner Donna Steward, Deputy Commissioner of Medicaid and Health Care Policy, resigned effective Tuesday, Oct. 1.  Deputy Commissioner Al Wall will be acting Deputy Commissioner for Medicaid and Health Care Policy, as well as fulfilling his duties as Deputy Commissioner of Family, Community and Integrated Services. DHSS is implementing a broad search for our next Deputy Commissioner of Medicaid and Health Care Policy.
  • DHSS also announced this week that it has hired a Medicaid Senior Advisor and Strategist through a contract with Rich Albertoni of Public Consulting Group. Mr. Albertoni will be helping DHSS identify strategies that reduce cost but increase value in the Medicaid program and will be collecting and sharing ideas that have been successful nationwide while also building upon ongoing efforts within the state.
  • We also have a new interim chief executive officer at the Alaska Psychiatric Institute (API), John Lee. Mr. Lee is also currently the director of the Division of Senior and Disabilities Services. 


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