Mendenhall Lake Rescue

Scott McCutcheon, DHSS Information Technology Services Manager, was ready and willing to help save a biker who fell through Mendenhall Lake in Juneau this January. On Jan. 7, Scott sprang into action after hearing screams coming from a group gathered around an area on the lake. He had what he needed on him, a brand new rope he bought in November, to assist with the rescue of the submerged individual. With the help of a few people Scott was able to save the biker and his bike! 

"What Scott did was a brave and noble thing. It's indicative of the people we have here at DHSS; they are always willing to help," said DHSS Commissioner Adam Crum.

Scott and the others who helped him, Blake Bixby and Nikki Lahnum, were presented by Capital City Fire/Rescue with a lifesaving award for their efforts.

To read about the entire encounter visit these two Juneau Empire stories:


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