Healthy Alaskans Prepares for HA2030

The state health improvement plan, Healthy Alaskans, led by the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services and the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium, is in the process of developing the Healthy Alaskans 2030 (HA2030) plan. This plan will establish a blueprint that DHSS, ANTHC and other health partners will follow over the next decade to help improve the health of all Alaskans.

In preparation for HA2030, Healthy Alaskans has completed a survey asking Alaskans about their health priorities; the survey closed Feb. 28 and generated over 1,600 responses. Results from the survey will be summarized and posted on the Healthy Alaskans website.
Coming up this month is the State Public Health System Assessment: Community Capacity Review that will help inform Healthy Alaskans 2030. Using the standardized National Public Health Performance Standards State assessment instrument, this assessment provides a critical and comprehensive look at Alaska’s public health system infrastructure and programs. The goal is to identify system strengths and areas of needed improvement that may be worked on to strengthen our public health system as part of HA2030.

Another recent milestone was the publication in January of the 2018 Healthy Alaskans 2020 scorecards, which track health goals established by Healthy Alaskans. These are published annually and provide one scorecard for all Alaskans and another for Alaska Native people. A press release announcing the scorecards can be found on the Healthy Alaskans website.

Compared to prior years, this year’s scorecards appear to show less progress in moving toward our 2020 goals. This is a reflection of a change that was made in how progress is reported, rather than any meaningful change in actual health priorities. We now separate out those trends that show we are “on track” to meet the health goals from those that show some progress but perhaps not enough to meet the goal by 2020; in past years these two categories were combined.

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