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NIT holds training academy at McLaughlin

In April, Northern Industrial Training (NIT) held a training academy for the youth at McLaughlin Youth Center (MYC). Our commissioner, Adam Crum, was formerly executive vice president of NIT but this partnership predates that connection. This is the eleventh academy since the partnership between MYC and NIT began. NIT training for certifications for this academy were in the following areas: North Slope Training Cooperative (NSTC) Unescorted, Fall Protection, NSTC Confined Space, Energy Isolation and Forklift Training.

The Fall Protection session gave the youth a firsthand chance of participating. After completing a quiz about fall protection, it was the youth’s chance to put their knowledge into practice. Some were nervous at first, but with encouragement from other MYC youth participating, all completed the exercise by releasing their safety strap while being suspended in the air.

“The NIT Academy allows participants the opportunity to take an intrepid leap into real life scenarios related to the field of construction,” said Juvenile Justice Officer Sidney Reynolds. “The instructors are able to create a learning environment that promotes a desire to learn, which in turn stimulates deeper interest in the daily curriculum.”

Certifications earned have applications in the construction industry with an emphasis on general trainings needed to qualify for jobs on the North Slope. Thank you NIT for giving the MYC’s youth this opportunity.

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